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Five Year FIXED PRICE Service Contract

It is vitally important that the integrity of your Flue Gas Probe is maintained in order to ensure continued accurate results on your Flue Gas Analyser.

This is something a lot of service and calibration houses neglect but we don't at BlueLine Instruments. That's why we always ask you to return both instrument and probe when its time for your annual service

UK Repair and Service

You can also purchase your own Probe Leak Detection Kit......


  • includes 5 annual services with sensor and consumable parts replacement.
  • includes carriage charges so the instrument collection and delivery is covered.
  • includes 5 year instrument warranty as long as the instrument is serviced every year of the contract
  • excludes accidental or deliberate damage to the instrument.


includes all Bronze options plus

  • 'Duration of Service' hire instrument. How this works is when your service is due we send a courier in with an instrument and probe / filter assembly (see right)  in a box. You open the box take out the hire instrument and probe and replace them with your own while the courier waits. Inside the box is a return address label to us. All you have to do is close the box, stick the label on the outside and give it back to the courier - job done ! 


includes all Silver options plus

  • Accidental Damage to the instrument. If you smash it, run over it or drop it down the toilet its covered - Fully Comp !!

UK & All Ireland Authorised Service Centre

We are proud to be one of the worldwide official service providers for Systronik GmbH for their full range of equipment and have full Service & Calibration facilities at our works manned by factory trained personnel. We do not sub-contract or authorise any third parties to service our equipment as we know its vitally important to maintain the accuracy of the precision instrument you have purchased.

Standard Annual Servicing

When you buy an instrument from us we set up a reminder system to prompt you when your annual service is due. For a small fee we can arrange a carrier to pick the unit up from you or from a designated collection point near where you live. A simple and easy system to make life easy for you. If you don't want to be without an instrument when yours is away for service and calibration we can offer a special 'Duration of Service' hire instrument for a fixed price so it doesn't matter if your instrument is with us for 5 - 7  working days ( our usual turn around time) or 150 days ( it'll never be that long !!) it costs you the same. See the Service Contract details below for more information about how this works.

Service Contracts tailored to suit you

We know that, especially with Flue Gas Analysers, low cost servicing usually means that there will be extra charges piled onto you during the course of the life of your instrument. How many times has the 'I'm sorry but the instrument needs an extra ( fill in sensor or part here ) at this service email been received for items not covered by the existing service agreement. 

At BlueLine® Instruments we offer you a genuine 5 Year Fixed Price Service Contract which we put our name to and GUARANTEE that there will be NO HIDDEN EXTRAS. The only time we would ever make any additional charges is in the case of accidental damage. However you can also cover this in a service contract if you want to - it costs a little more but can give you complete peace of mind that whatever happens to your instrument its fully covered ( we had one that had been run over recently !) .

There are three types of contact available - Bronze, Silver and Gold - the differences between them are highlighted below.

Our Fixed Price Service Contracts always includes 'both way' delivery costs. With any Service Contract your instrument is also re-warrantied for each year of the contract.

All we ask is that if you want to take out a Service Contract that it is paid for when you purchase your instrument. If you are looking at lease purchasing the equipment


the service contract can be rolled up into the overall price of the instrument making easily affordable monthly payments.


The Importance of Testing and Servicing your Flue Gas Probe & Filtration System