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You can also purchase your own Probe Leak Detection Kit......

Data Handling on your BlueLine S6600 Family instrument.... 

Bluetooth (BLE) & Infra Red Printers available.

It is vitally important that the integrity of your Flue Gas Probe is maintained in order to ensure continued accurate results on your Flue Gas Analyser.

This is something a lot of service and calibration houses neglect but we don't at BlueLine® Instruments. That's why we always ask you to return both instrument and probe when its time for your annual service

Full Instrument Control from APP or PC.

  • Measures CO, CO-H, O2, CO2 (derived or direct reading), NO (option), NO2, SO2, Efficiency, Ratio, Losses, Flue Gas and Ambient Temperature, Draft (Pressure), Differential Pressure, Pressure Loss ( Let By & Tightness Test), Timed Ambient CO ( Room) measurement, Dual Temperature (for Clamp Probes) with additional Temperature channel available.
  • Modular Probe System with multiple length and flexi probe options
  • TFT Colour Screen and simple dial-in controls
  • Micro SD Card for logging results and printing later via PC
  • Infra Red or Bluetooth (BLE) Printer available
  • FREE APP or Software for complete two way control of the instrument - IOS /  Android / PC
  • Real Time Data Logging via APP or Software
  • Save data as QR Code for immediate scanning and onward transmission
  • Fully complies to BS EN 50379 Parts 1 & 2


Complete Range of Accessories.

A multi sensor and function packed flue gas analyser for medium and larger sized Oil, Gas and Pellet Heating Systems with an additional pressure measurement channel for Differential pressure measurement.

The MultiLyzer STe has aswitchablehigh range CO sensor  ( 0-20,000ppm) making it ideal for the maintenance of Solid Fuel Heating Systems with temporary CO peaks of up to 20,000ppm or bivalent modulating Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants.

It can also incorporate optionalNO, NO2, and SO2 sensors and can be fitted with a direct reading CO2 sensor for measuring directly in voids etc. These can be retro fitted at any time at our works. The MultiLyzer also utilises a 5 year O2 sensor to keep servicing costs low.

Three 'K' Type temperature connection points and a separate temperature measurement function on the instrument menu give multiple temperature reading options for use with Clamp Probes and other temperature accessories as well as the standard flue gas and ambient temperature readings.


A separate Pressure Loss menu llows Let By and Tightness testing and a separate Pitot Tube measurement option is also available..

A unique filtration system in the sampling probe line ensures that your instrument stays dry at all times.

This, coupled with an optional 5 Year Fixed Price Service Contract, makes the MultiLyzer instrument a very cost effective flue gas analyser when working across multiple fuel disciplines.

The Importance of Testing and Servicing your Flue Gas Probe & Filtration System


Supplied as Kit in Robust Aluminium Case.


  • includes 5 annual services with sensor and consumable parts replacement.
  • includes carriage charges so the instrument collection and delivery is covered.
  • includes 5 year instrument warranty as long as the instrument is serviced every year of the contract
  • excludes accidental or deliberate damage to the instrument.


includes all Bronze options plus

  • 'Duration of Service' hire instrument. How this works is when your service is due we send a courier in with an instrument and probe / filter assembly (see right)  in a box. You open the box take out the hire instrument and probe and replace them with your own while the courier waits. Inside the box is a return address label to us. All you have to do is close the box, stick the label on the outside and give it back to the courier - job done ! 


includes all Silver options plus

  • Accidental Damage to the instrument. If you smash it, run over it or drop it down the toilet its covered - Fully Comp !!