It is vitally important that the integrity of your Flue Gas Probe is maintained in order to ensure continued accurate results on your Flue Gas Analyser.

This is something a lot of service and calibration houses neglect but we don't at BlueLine Instruments. That's why we always ask you to return both instrument and probe when its time for your annual service.

You can also purchase your own Probe Leak Detection Kit so you can check your instruments performance at any time. See the PDF Brochure link here fo details.

The BlueLine® Combustion Performance Analysis Kit has been designed to sample combustion products to include cookers, grills and flueless appliances, as outlined in BS7967:2005 / CPA1..

Included in the kit are:-
A Right-angled probe with 5 sampling holes
A Gas Cooker probe with supporting discs
1 metre of black nitrile hose
BlueLine® Proprietary Filter Housing & Filters 

Both probes screw into the supplied robust handle assembly.

Charger Part no. 523476

USB Lead Part  No 523506

CMDDA-1 Stand Kit

Car Charger for all rechargeable instruments

CPA-1 Kit

Domestic & Industrial Flue Gas Analysers

Digital Temperature & Pressure Meters

Natural Gas Leak Detectors

Air Velocity Instruments

Personal CO Monitors

Water Flow & Temperature Measurement

Modular Probe System

Probe Leak Detection Kit

A plug-in Modular Probe System for all the BlueLine® Range of Instruments offering a range of probe lengths and a flexible probe option.

Plug-In Probes 170 - 1500mm

Flexi-Probe 400mm

A  simple aid to carrying out CO room safety tests as laid out in BS7967 & CMDDA1.

The CMDDA-1 Stand Kit will hold the BlueLine® sample probe in the correct position and at the correct height to carry out these CO room safety tests and includes an attached metal analyser bracket where you can magnetically attach your analyse, holding it at a convenient height to both operate the instrument and view the on-screen data.

The stand collapses down to a portable size and is supplied in a convenient carrying bag with handles for ease of transportation.