The GSP 1 Natural Gas Leak Detector is a precision instrument and not susceptible to moisture sensitivity problems often associated with this type of equipment that's why we say our units are....


The GSP1 identifies methane, butane, propane and other flammable gases.

It can be used on gas pipes, connection pieces, fittings, gas meters, gas burners, gas tanks, drains and survey ducts.

The GSP1 provides an audible alarm which activates when gas levels reach 1% by volume ensuring you are aware of immediate gas leaks..

  • 24 Hour battery life with rechargeable batteries.
  • Scaled LED display for indication of gas concentrations from 20 - 2000ppm and also displays the gas value as % Volume.
  • Battery saver shut off after 5 minutes 

Optional Protective Case.

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GSP 1 Natural Gas Leak Detector

Rechargeable - 24 Hour Battery Life