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   This unit is:-

   .......not plastic so it wont break if dropped

   .......robust so can be stored in a toolbox

   .......dustproof for the harshest environments's IP67 rated so you can

          drop it in a bucket of water for 30 mins

          and it will still work when you fish it out

   .......uses an industry proven sensor which

   .......samples all the time to keep you safe all

         the time - it doesn’t just sample every

         30 seconds

   … ATEX approved Intrinsically Safe so you

         can use it in Zoned Areas

The Importance of protecting yourself from Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Picture is actual size

85 x 50 x 28mm

...and it only weighs 76g.......

If you think that the recent high profile cases of CO poisoning are just a flash in the pan click on the READ MORE button below to link to some of the people and organisations that are doing their bit to raise awareness about Carbon Monoxide - its not for nothing its called 'the silent killer' - you cant see it, you cant smell it and you cant taste it ! -  if you think you can do something please help in any way you can......

At  BlueLine® we have singled out one of the many charities that you can read about at the above link which we think just highlights the unforeseen dangers of CO. Katie Haines was just a normal lady going about her normal daily life when tragedy struck - and it could just have easily been you or me ! Read more about Katies' life and the continuing work her Trust are doing here...

All BlueLine® Flue Gas Analysers incorporate an ambient CO measuring facility which allow room CO testing under CMDDA-1 conditions. We even supply a CMDDA- 1 Stand so you can set your analyser up for a 15 minute room test and walk away to do other things.. if you want more info on this click the READ MORE link below.




Its a bit of a faff having to get your analyser out and wave the probe around just to see if your safe. You know you should do it but it just doesn't happen !!!

That's why BlueLine® Instruments can supply you with your own personal CO monitor which you can wear at all times making sure you are always protected. Its Hi-Vis Yellow so your customer sees you are safety conscious and its no maintenance - it works continuously for two years then you bin it and get a new one, and best of all its low cost too !!!. Click on the PDF link below to find out more.